Worth the Wait

Just finished cleaning up a bunch of stuff, and other than labeling one of the videos “2010,” I think we’re all set. Added some fun and, as promised, embarrassing pictures from our ill-fated Cutthroat game upstairs at The Grape Room on the Photos & Videos page, and below are the other videos from the show last Wednesday night. By all means – share, send, copy, paste, pirate, do whatever… We’ve embedded tiny elves into the videos that will track them wherever they go.

But seriously – if you like a video, send it to a friend. Put it on Facebook. That’s what it’s all there for. Looking to get some more fans on the Face Books, and some more people out at the next shows – which I’ll be posting soon.

So that’s all we’ve got – stay tuned for more fun bits as we dig them up, and news on shows and other goodies as we get them set up!


A little taste…

I had the presence of mind to bring a camera to The Grape Room with me on Wednesday, and the fruits of that ill-advised decision will soon be available! In the meantime, the plus side is that we got some decent video of 4 out of 6 songs, and here’s the opening number:

The photos from AFTER the show (when we found the pool table upstairs) will include gems like the following:

From Live @ The Grape Room, 11.30

Which I’m currently titling “My FINGERS!!!”

As well as this…

From Live @ The Grape Room, 11.30

Which is the face of losing horribly at 8 Ball.

Stay tuned for more photos and videos to come on, and for updates on where we’ll be next!

What a Blast

We had a fantastic time at The Grape Room last night – full band, great room, and wonderful folks. I’ll have some video up in the next day or so of a few of the songs – big thanks to Megan and Steph for being the camera ops for the evening!

Tonight I’m at Burlap and Bean as the featured performer at the weekly Thursday Open Mic. Come on out and say hi, grab some coffee, or bring some beer (It’s BYO!) in Newtown Square, PA. I’ll be pulling some old stuff out, trying some new stuff out, and just in general having a great deal of stuff. The Open Mic starts at 7pm, feature set is at 8:30 – and it’s FREE!

Stripped Acoustic Series – The Legendary Dobbs

Got some pictures up from last Saturday on the Photos page – had a great time.  Looking forward to the next show on the 30th.

A little preview below…


Something borrowed, something stolen…

If you’re planning on coming out to The Legendary Dobbs tomorrow night, you’ll be in for something special. I’ll be debuting some new songs (that’s right! I have new material!) at this fun little show. Just a little added incentive – come out and hear something you’ve never heard before!

Rollin’ On…

Next show is NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT at The Legendary Dobbs – 304 South Street in Philadelphia. It’s part of a new acoustic series they’re starting, and I’ll be kicking off the whole shebang at 9:30. $5 cover, and there’s two acts to follow – no information on who that is yet. Grab a friend, grab a beer, and come on down.

And, to wet your whistle for the full-band show on the 30th, here’s another live sample from The Note:

Enjoy, and don’t forget to post some feedback!

Been a while…

It has indeed been a while, but hopefully it’s been worth the wait.  Courtesy of my friend Tom Rosenthal, and his good friend Jon Brouse, we actually ended up with a live recording of the set we played (first live set with a band in, oh, 10 years or so, third rehearsal for all of us, pretty interesting all around) at The Note in West Chester, PA.  Without further ado, a sample of Mr. Brouse’s excellent work…

So the next upcoming show that’s confirmed is Wednesday, November 30th at the Grape Room in Manayunk. I’ll post more details as we get closer, but help a brother out and plan on making it out to the show!

Upcoming events

So a few things are happening in the next few days.  First, on Saturday I’ll be playing a shory set at the Operation Vets Chili Challenge in Hammonton, NJ.  Held at the Nesco Volunteer Fire Company and benefitting local S. Jersey vets.  I’ll be playing from 1:00 to 1:45.  Information on Facebook is here.

I’ll also be back at the North Star Bar on Monday night, 10/03, as part of the Victorian Dining Room series – a straight up acoustic show in the upstairs dining room.  Doors open at 8, I start at 9pm.  No cover, but delicious food and cold beverages. 

Hope to see you out there…

Who Wants a Show?

So September is moving on a-pace, and if you thought a Labor Day weekend gig wasn’t enough – well, neither did I!

I’ll be playing at The Note in West Chester as part of their New Music series – Wednesday, September 28th at 8:00pm. $5 cover, three acts over the evening. 

Check out The Note’s webpage for full details, directions, and other good Karmic stuff. 

Bring a friend, bring two friends – what the heck else do you have to do on a Wednesday night?

The Day After Labor Day…

Why we don’t just call this Post Partum day is beyond me.

Anyway, thanks to those that came out and sacrificed a bit of that hard-earned last vacation weekend with me at MilkBoy coffee in Bryan Mawr – had a fun time, had some fun friends, had a good show. Looking forward to the next one – officially it’s the Victorian Dining Room series at the beloved North Star Bar on October 3rd, but there’s an unconfirmed show (for the moment) that I’d love to be able to put up and invite ya’ll to. Keep an ear out, because there’s bound to be new coming.

Hopefully we’ll get some more of the “Thank You” videos up in the next day or twelve, so stand by for those – only got a couple left.

And, with summer’s official unofficial end nigh, let us all get back into the swing of things.